Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Racing Game – C++ PhysX

One of my third year projects on the IT Carlow Game Development course was to produce a 3D game using Ogre3D. The project had the following  requirements.

Project Requirements & features 

  1. Language C++
  2. Ogre3D for Rendering
  3. Use a Physic Engine
  4. Develop an AI
  5. Sound and GUI
The game I made was a racing game in which the player races against an AI car. The racing track is generated by driving the car around the environment as I’m not to skilled with blender I decided to do it programmatically. So the game itself is a type of crude editing tool for the tracks which the cars race around. I used NxOgre which is the Ogre wrapper for  Nvidia’s PhysX for the physics of the environment and to car physics model.

Learning out comes

This project was done in an iterative model, with burn down charts and scum based tasks. With presentations and iteration documentation to be generated at the end of each sprint. So gave me good experiences of an Agile approach to games development.  I also learnt a large amount about building different software systems and dependent libraries together, as the physics wrapper NxOgre had been abandoned and took quite a bit of research to get it to build with the version of Ogre we had to use.

Technologies & Skills used

  • C++
  • Ogre 3D
  • Nvidia PhyX
  • AI
  • FMOD sound
  • OgreBites for GUI

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

3D Platformer – C++ havok

Brief Overview of the Development

  • Developed over four days, as part of Real World Modeling and Simulations subjects
  • First experience using Havok Physics engine. Basically a warm-up project for a much larger one.
  • Four man Scrum based team. ( 3 developers and 1 scrum master) Lectures acted as Product owners
  • GIT for source control
  • Daily stand-up meetings
  • JIRA to track stories and tasks.  Git hub used to preform peer review

My role as a Developer

  • Built the swinging platforms and magnets.
  • Level Design
  • Integrating FMOD for audio
  • GIT expert on the team

Game-play video

Coming soon..


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Node.js Multiplayer Environment

This is one of the project’s I did for my Games devices class in my third year of the IT Carlow Games development course. Its a HTML5 game written in JavaScript using Node.js for a server.
The game allows 1000’s of users to connect concurrent and move around and interact with the environment. It features some basic physics and some novel rendering/collision optimization techniques. Which are documented in full in my research journal for the project

Live Demo

Source on github

Technologies & Skills used

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5 Features
  • Node.js /
  • Rendering Optimization

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