Co-founded The Flax Project

The Flax Project is a website (among other things), brimming with a passion for programming and technology in general. Heading this up are two Irish Game Development students, Ciarán McCann and Carl Lange. We’re trying to expand our knowledge and share what knowledge we have with the world.  We post mainly about game development and programming in general on topics ranging from web-based technology like GWT and HTML5 (+CSS+Javascript) to Game Development, C++ OpenGL, .

The Flax Project went live on July 7th 2010 and now a year onwards has grown into a large game development blog which receive over 300 readers a day. The Flax Project is the platform form which we launch our projects such as the Flax HTML5 Game Engine. The Flax Project is also involved in various tech initives and events here in Ireland, trying to help build a strong game development community here in Ireland. We are also involved in eduction and run game development workshops.

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Where I got the name

After many different ideas about projects to work on for the summer, we decided to develop a native web game engine. One of the first rendering technologies we identified was canvas, which we thought was magic. Types of physical canvas are made from the Flax plant, and that’s how I came up with the name Flax.

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