Worms Armageddon HTML5 Clone

For my final year project as part of my B.S degree in Computer Games Development at IT Carlow I recreated Team17’s amazing turn-based artillery strategy game Worms Armageddon in JavaScript/HTML5.

(This project is still currently under development and more information about the development will be posted when I get some time after completed my final year exams)

Live demo
Live demo available Worms Armageddon HTML5

Source Code
The source code is currently not available, as its still in a private repo till the project deadline in mid April. Though will be available on my github then.

Quick overview

  • Written in Typescript (Compiles to JavaScript)
  • Uses a variety of HTML5 API’s (Canvas, WebSockets, Audio, Offline storage)
  • Developed complete from scratch
  • Third-party libaries used Jquery, Twitter-bootstrap, Socket.io
  • Server-side tech Node.js/Socket.io running on a linode instance in New york

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