Ciarán McCann, is an extremely passionate and motivated Irish computer games programmer. With over 8 years experience under his belt. He is currently working as a Software Engineer at Swrve. Ciaran holds a first class honours bachelor of science in Computer Games Development. He has previously worked at Demonware and Ericsson. He has experience in many different programming languages, with emphasis on graphics, maths and physics programming. He has also developed web, Android, iPhone Apps and previously worked as lead developer on the Flax HTML5 game engine. Ciarán is an entrepreneur at heart: he co-founded the Flax Project. Ciarán has also tutored classmates, and taught classes on game development and programming.

Google+ " If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. "


Worms Armageddon HTML5 Clone Worms Armageddon HTML5 Clone
FPS - C++ OpenGL FPS – C++ OpenGL
Flax HTML5 Game Engine Flax HTML5 Game Engine
JavaScript HTML5 Box2d Platformer JavaScript HTML5 Box2d Platformer
Multithread C Concurrent Simulation Multithread C Concurrent Simulation
ACM Programming Contest ACM Programming Contest
Co-founded The Flax Project Co-founded The Flax Project
Java AI - Robocode 2010 Java AI – Robocode 2010
Guitar Hero Clone - C# .NET Guitar Hero Clone – C# .NET
XNA - SAT Collision with Octree XNA – SAT Collision with Octree
Android Game - GGJ 2010 Android Game – GGJ 2010
Lunar Lander - OpenGL C++ Lunar Lander – OpenGL C++

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